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Rich in Fatty Acids
Benefits ranging from increasing cell growth & regulating the immune system
Keep Your Heart Healthy
Lower blood pressure correlates to a lower risk for heart disease and/or stroke
Affect Immune Response
Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids play a key role in immune responses
Help Treat Skin Disorders
The oil allows skin to become hydrated and healthy due to stimulated growth
Contain Ample Protein
Hemp seed contain incredibly high amounts of amino acids
Aid in Digestion
Hemp seed shells expedite food and waste through the digestive system
Help Treat Multiple Sclerosis
Hemp seeds’ improving effect on myelin and mitochondrial membranes
Naturally Balance Hormones
Gamma-linolenic acid, produce prolactin-fighting hormones
Decrease Hypertension
Promotes dilation of blood vesels, resulting in lower blood pressure
Decrease Stress and Anxiety
Vitamins & minerals present in hemp makes it a powerful stress reliever
Gourmet Hemp Foods LLC


#GHFoods Catering

Send us an e-mail at gourmethempfoods@gmail with the subject title, "New Catering Order for [ YOUR NAME / ORG ]" and answer the following quick questions below:

  • Headcount: How many people will need to be fed.
  • Location & Time: Send us the location, what time of day, and for how long you will need us for!
  • Expectations: How many courses will be served, what types of dishes, and are there any dietary requirements?

General Pricing Info

Our basic pricing for catering services are below.

  • Box Lunches:  $12.50 for a minimum of 10 people
  • Full Course Meal:  $500 minimum purchase or $20/person for twenty-five people

Our Virginia Caterers

Award winning Chef, Tye Hall and her husband Reggie Hall started T&R Catering in 2010. Together their passion for cooking and serving the community has led them to create their own language of love through a dance in the kitchen. Both Tye and Reginald have enjoyed cooking since a very early age, however their motivation to run T&R Catering came from the want to cook food for their family of 5 in their own home.

Now, almost 10 years later, they have catered to thousands of people including large parties like the Washington Redskins to smaller more private settings like personal parties of two. Tye and Reginald are a warm and welcoming duo who would love to talk about your next get-together!

Tye and Reggie with foodie fans at 'Taste of Lancaster Food Show'

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